Roof Waterproofing Westchester Westchester waterproofing does not only prevent water penetration but also prevent structural damage to building components. It prevents the passage of pollutants that cause steel deterioration and concrete palling, such as chloride ion build ups into structural components. Once water are able to seep through and in contact with the steels inside the concrete, oxidation occurs. This will result into the expansion of steel and creation of cracks (or even bigger cracks). Building envelopes also acts as weather barrier – the wind, the cold and the heat. These forces with combination of water can multiply the magnitude of damage to building structures as well as its interior. Direct exposure to the wind can force water deeper into a building structure through cracks or crevices where water may not normally penetrate. In order to prevent this, building envelope must not only be water resistant but also weather tight against the wind.

Westchester waterproofing system does not last forever and the lifespan of waterproofing barriers may be shorten even more due to weathering, U.V rays and earth movements.

As far as remedial Westchester waterproofing is concerned, there are four main areas that are usually problem prone which are the roof, wet areas such as toilets, kitchen and balcony, subterranean areas and lastly external walls. Should you have leakage from the roof note that if you are a flat roof or other wise.  If you have a flat roof, you should check if your roof is having an active leakage or not. If it is active there is a possibility that there is ‘ponding’ on top of the roof which means that you might have problem with the gutter or leakage from water tank but if it only leaks when it rains then it is just the roof that is problematic.

It is important for Westchester property owners to get their roof leak problems repaired immediately. Most owners allow their problems to spread and cause further damage to the building structure. Not only that, toxic mold would grow on damp walls and ceilings making the building hazardous to health. Some people simply result to covering up discolorations, molds and efflorescence instead of rectifying the problem. This act is reckless and irresponsible because if there toxic molds spawning somewhere it could possibly cost you a life as toxic or black molds can cause respiratory problems and it can worsen an asthmatic condition, can cause allergic reaction and possible bronchial infections. Contact your commercial roofing specialist today!

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