Commercial Roofing Metro NYC At H. Klein & Sons, Inc., generations of the same family have managed to create one of the most advanced commercial roofing companies in the Metro NYC area. Having been around for well over a century now, it is safe to say we have the most experienced and best qualifications you will find. Yet, we are still surprised to find so many people still procrastinate when it comes to getting proper care for their roofing.

Your roofing system is made up of roofing materials, flashing, insulation and drainage. It is easy for something to wrong with any one or several of these components. Our job is to help keep an astute eye out for possible problems and deal with issues, in a prompt and professional manner.

Professional Commercial Roof Maintenance

The overall performance and longevity of your roof is based greatly on the maintenance invested into it. This is something vital that people tend to lose sight of. So, we like to remind building owners of a few things:

Even if you think you know a little something about roofing, there could be a problem developing that you cannot even see or easily visually detect. A checkup is the key to locating problems that are lying in wait.

An inspection of your roof is something that should be scheduled twice a year, every six months, in the fall and spring. It should also be conducted immediately following any severe weather related activity.

Do not ignore mold or mildew stains, streaks or other signs. Although it is natural for some small level to exist, once you can visually detect fungal growth, there could be a serious problem. Certain types of lichen feed off the asphalt in shingles, slowly destroying them.

By the time you can tell there is a problem, it may be too late for just roof repairs. Moisture, visible light and blistering are all examples of issues that you may not visually see at first, but by the time you do, it may need replacement is your only option.

Simply the Best Commercial Roofing in Metro NYC

This area has so much to offer, and plenty of things that only locals really know about. The best museums are free, even MOMA has Free Fridays, and the 30 Under 30 program enables locals to enjoy the theater for no cost. Of course, part of being a local business means knowing things like who to call for the best commercial roofing service, and that answer is H. Klein & Sons, Inc.


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