Flat Roofing Long IslandAlthough commercial structures in Long Island commonly use flat roofing systems, people rarely give thought to why that is. The most obvious reason is that bigger buildings do not generally make good candidates for sloped roofing, nor would it be cost-effective. Finding a professional to assist you in selecting the right type of roof, as well as roofing material, is as important as finding a roofing contractor to provide you with exceptional workmanship.

For well over a century now, local commercial clients have entrusted H. Klein & Sons, Inc. for the best in this type of professionalism. Our goal is to help ensure that each of our clients fully understands the options available to them, and ends up with final results that are nothing short of exceptional. Your commercial roof has the most important job to do, and we want to help set it up for long term success.

Local Flat Roofing Experts

Aside from flat roofing being a more cost-effective solution for a large surface area, some other reasons that flat roofing is so commonly used for commercial buildings include:

They are less costly to install, including the labor involved. Since flat roofing is easier to install, as opposed to slanted roofing, it means the materials and the workmanship are both less expensive.

Flat roofing is usually less demanding, as far as maintenance goes. That means less time spent worrying about it, as well as less money spent fixing it.

When it does come time to perform maintenance and make roof repairs, it is easier to do because contractors can more easily gain access. It is much simpler to maneuver around a flat roof than a pitched one.

Your roof can also become an idea space for storage, especially bulky items that could otherwise be an eyesore, such as your air conditioning unit.

Superior Care & Results for Flat Roofing

At H. Klein & Sons, Inc., we pride ourselves on staying current with the latest in techniques and materials, so we always deliver the best results. The industry, including flat roofing, has changed immensely since our company first started in 1902. However, we have always stayed abreast of these advancements, which is what has helped us maintain the impeccable reputation that we have.

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