If you are concerned about our environment, you may want to consider Green Roofing.

Types of Green Roofing and Money Saving Benefits

Types of Green Roofing:Green Roofing Long Island

1. Photovoltaics – Take advantage of unused roofing space and usual direct line of site to the sun to create power from solar energy that is used to power the building and reduce dependence on energy from conventional sources.

2. Reflective Roofing Systems (Cool Roof Systems) – Highly reflective, white roofing systems such as TPO and PVC reflect heat away from the roofing surface compared to a black roofing systems such as conventional B.U.R. systems or black EPDM.

3. Insulation Optimization – A majority of roofing installations are done using the minimum insulation thickness required per code.

Money Saving Benefits:

1. It reduces cooling and heating costs. Usually, we don’t even think about how much energy used in buildings affect our society. Building energy codes really do matter because they save consumers money. Buildings that are energy efficient use less energy. That in turn, reduces utility bills and puts money back into the consumers’ and companies’ pockets. This alone makes Green Roofing a great business decision.

2. The vegetation consumes all the carbon dioxide which generates oxygen that directly improves our environment for the next generation.

3. Long Island garden roofing systems are designed in such a way to be pleasant. Garden Roofing Systems in Long Island are quickly and easily installed, which means less disruption to your business or your tenants

So if you are interested in commercial roofing, search online for a reputable roofing company. Ask any questions you may have about single ply, EPDM and roof coatings. For those who are concerned about the environment, you may want to take a good look at Green Roofing Systems. Check them out.

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