Flat Roofing Long Island There are a number of benefits to having a flat roofing system for your commercial building. Of course, with any type of roof there is a certain level of required maintenance involved.

Fail to stay proactive about this necessary service and you are putting your roof at risk. Neglecting this type of care shortens the lifespan and can compromise the structural integrity. If you want to have great long term success with your roofing system, it is pertinent that you learn more about the type of maintenance you need, and the benefits this offers.

Learning About Flat Roof Maintenance

As a general rule of thumb, scheduling a roofing inspection twice a year is the best plan of action. At the very least, you need this type of service annually, as well as following any severe storm activity. Aside from that, here is some of what you should know specifically about flat rooftops:

Ponding water tends to be a more common issue with flat roofing systems because it cannot run off, like with a sloped system. It is vital to have proper drainage and to monitor for pools of water that linger past 48 hours. If ignored, standing water can lead to a myriad of issues, including algae, and can destroy your roof.

Snow, like water, has no method of evacuation on a flat roof, unlike a sloped system. Once the snow exceeds a foot in accumulation, it is time to start thinking about hiring someone to remove it for you. Without a means of escape, snow can collect and eventually lead to a collapsed roof.

Your rooftop should be monitored for cracks, which can be caused by a number of factors. This can be anything from shoddy installation work to stress, but needs to be addressed in a prompt and professional manner. Obviously, fail to do so and you are likely to see minor cracks develop into large cracks, as well as big problems. This can quickly escalate from repair need to roof replacement need.

What you may not realize is that loose fasteners can spell disaster for your flat roof. If they come loose it means your roofing will be more susceptible to wind damage, including tear-offs. A problem with loose fasteners often occurs as a result to the incorrect type being used during the initial roofing installation.

Turn to the Real Pros

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